Modern Ninja

Modern Ninja is a female of East Asian descent who is “modern” for a few reasons.

First of all, she does not kill. That was a condition for her becoming part of Mother Earth Force.

Secondly, she can use modern weapons like silenced guns that shoot rubber bullets.

Thirdly, she has an exoskeleton, invented by the Chinese government and provided to her by Mother Earth, that makes her stronger and gives her more endurance while also keeping her agility.

Fourthly, she has point invisibility. This is a real life invisibility that makes her look see through (except her eyes and the skin between) at a certain point. She usually has it set up to make her invisible to the villain’s eyes she is looking into. This type of invisibility already exists for a car. She extended its usefulness. An article and pictures of the car can be seen here.

Her invisibility is not perfect. Still visible is her shadow. Just like the car in the article.