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We Not Only Bred With Neanderthals, We Wiped Them Out

[Added March 10, 2014: By “we” I mean Caucasians and Asians. I’ve also misused the term humans when meaning just Caucasians and Asians. I hope this makes it clearer.] I came to this story of Neanderthals by way of a … Continue reading

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One in the Can

It happens all the time. A big name star dies and then of course magically (it seems) they have one more film or album “in the can”. Whitney Houston died recently. Of course Sparkle came out after her death. I … Continue reading

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What Assange Needs Now is a Magician

Preferably Assange needs a real magician with a specialty in teleportation. But I, like most of you, have heard that all magicians are quacks so this ideal situation may never come to pass. Alright then, unleash the stage magicians. Stage … Continue reading

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Months Long Vampire Party

The months long vampire party should just be winding down at the South Pole. The vampires had thrown off the shackles of the daylight cycle and escaped past the Antarctic Circle for the months of permanent darkness. So freeing was … Continue reading

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Bars and Leaf

The Americans have a number of nicknames for their flag. “Stars and Stripes”, “The Star Spangled Banner”, and “Old Glory” are the three that I know. I’ve lived my whole life in Canada and not once have I heard someone … Continue reading

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All the World’s a Factory Floor

All the world’s a factory floor, and all the men and women merely robots. They don’t think they’re robots, nay they are far superior, For they have emotions, the thing that separates man from machine. If they are sad then … Continue reading

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The Case for Vampires Staking Vampires

Since vampires do indeed exist, let’s look at them a bit more scientifically than they usually get looked at. First of all we know they feed off human blood. And those bodies they have fed on turn into vampires. This … Continue reading

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She Wants Those Glasses Off

Previously I’ve posted about my black cat, Bast. Pretty well when I first got her, she would chew and bite at my glasses when I picked her up and held her. Then relatively recently she discovered my night hiding place … Continue reading

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Only 4 Continents

The lie has been spread for so many years that many believe it is true. That lie is that there are 6, or maybe even 7 continents on Earth. But anyone with working eyeballs and a simple world map can … Continue reading

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