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Homeopathy and the High Price of Chemicals

Homeopathy is the discipline (hah!) that states that a properly diluted chemical can still have an effect on your immune system. The dilutions are so extreme, that there is either a vanishingly small amount of the original, active ingredient or … Continue reading

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Is There an End to Humour?

I come to you this week without humour. Oh I thought of a couple jokes. But they’re one liners that I can’t figure out how to pad into a post. I sometimes wonder if all the jokes possible will ever … Continue reading

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Vertical Stripes

Sports fans sometimes are bewildered by things in other parts of the public sphere. Where they can go on and on about the whys and wherefores of each subtle movement in the game of their choice, they are at a … Continue reading

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Horizontal Stripes

Jails started the erasure of the stereotypical image of doing time. They no longer clothe criminals in horizontal black and white striped garb, complete with a number. For some reason they chose a new image. That new image was of … Continue reading

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Alligator Tamer

We’ve all heard of the daring lion tamer. Often this act will see the tamer controlling these large animals with a whip. I don’t recommend you doing this at home. But the grand finale of some lion tamer acts will … Continue reading

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