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Things I Would Have Loved to Know About Physics Before Making It My Major

What with the current glamourizing of physics with Cosmos and The Big Bang Theory (although some might say that sitcom deglamourizes physics), more and more people are probably looking into physics as a career choice. Decades ago I started down … Continue reading

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Is There an End to Humour?

I come to you this week without humour. Oh I thought of a couple jokes. But they’re one liners that I can’t figure out how to pad into a post. I sometimes wonder if all the jokes possible will ever … Continue reading

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There Must be a Stash in the Big Bang Theory

I feel a kind of ownership over the Big Bang Theory. After all the show features 3 physicists and an engineer. I have 2 ½ years of university level physics to my name. I’ve even been asked about it. But … Continue reading

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Give a Monkey a Brain and He’ll Swear He’s the Centre of the Universe

That’s not my title, it’s from a Fishbone album in the ’90s but it suits my post nicely. A long, long time ago in the eighties, I was thinking about what I want to do with my life as far … Continue reading

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How Art Made Me Fail a Science Course

Whereas my last post wast kind of boastful of my unique handwriting, this post is the opposite. Being an artist, taking science courses is usually just a bit curious. Usually it only has slight ramifications. Like for graphing in 3D, … Continue reading

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