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Canadian Conservatives: Shouting at Us, Whispering a Block Away to Disabled

The latest mailing I got from the federal Conservative party, under the guise that it’s from my member of parliament (Harold Albrecht), to abuse the free service from Canada Post, had something that made me laugh right away. There was … Continue reading

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Dyson Has Yet to Even Acknowledge the Vacuum’s Arch Enemy

Their is no doubt that Dyson has made vacuum cleaners infinitesimally better more than once. But I’m not going to tell you that company’s ads. Instead, I’ll deal with that one topic the company and inventor have so far completely … Continue reading

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Only Coke Would See a Bright Side to Living in a Big Brother State

Have you seen the latest feel good television advertisement from Coca Cola? Here in Canada and I don’t know where all else they are showing good deeds caught by surveillance cameras. All to the strains of the sweet song Give … Continue reading

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China is Broke

There is no need to reevaluate world economic might and clout. China still manufactures the lion’s share of the more inexpensive goods. And growth rates are still good for that country. By my title for the article I mean that … Continue reading

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