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The Fantastic Three

The Comics Code of ’61 was for some strange reason adamant that the Fantastic Four needed “unstable molecule” clothing. (Clothing that takes on the traits of the wearer.)

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Elastigirl – Va Va Voom

Elastigirl of The Incredibles is my pick for the hottest female fictional or otherwise. If you are thinking “Why her? Aren’t real women hotter?” I would once have agreed with you. I saw The Incredibles years ago and didn’t realize … Continue reading

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Honest Jobs for John Edward

You may remember my nasty post over half a year ago regarding John Edward. He is of course the crummy psychic of Crossing Over fame. I thought of him because again he was on daytime TV. This time it was … Continue reading

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Poor Millionaires and a Possible Penance for Cherry

It’s becoming more and more well documented that concussions are serious. Largely news of this reaches us from the sport of football and studies done on exNFLers. Which makes sense – the most likely sport for getting a concussion is … Continue reading

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Puke Gets Cartoond

Once there was a really cool cat who was the god of hockey. Now, like every cat, this cool cat had a fur ball and one day hacked it up in the country of Canada. . This furball, or puke, … Continue reading

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Are You Taking a ConCERN Position on the Large Hadron Collider

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider or LHC has drawn so much interest that some of it is negative. There are fears that we’re dealing with forces of nature we don’t know how to control or how they fully work. Look, that’s … Continue reading

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Contrary Ontario

Greetings from Contrario, the multiple personality province that votes a different way federally and a different way provincially. If the Progressive Conservatives are in nationally this province will vote Liberal for its provincial leaders. If the Liberals are in nationally, … Continue reading

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Call of the Intolerant

I bet most Canadians would be able to identify which party in their province or federally is the least tolerant. And I bet the answer would be the same for almost every respondent. I don’t even have to name them … Continue reading

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Ironic Timing

The timing of this fall’s Ontario election is very suspicious. Only a few days after this Thursday’s vote (Oct. 6) will be the date of Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 10). Presumably we will be thankful for our new government. Did the … Continue reading

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TV Weathermen Aren’t Scientists

In a nearby riding, Kitchener Centre, Progressive Conservative candidate Dave MacDonald is running for election for the Ontario government. He is a former weatherman for the CTV network in southwestern Ontario. In Canada, there is no accreditation to allow the … Continue reading

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