Puke Gets Cartoond

Once there was a really cool cat who was the god of hockey. Now, like every cat, this cool cat had a fur ball and one day hacked it up in the country of Canada. .

This furball, or puke, had a very ruddy complexion (probably because it was always angry) so the cool cat named it Cherry.

Cherry was one of the most prejudiced pukes around. He got away with it, though, because his target was Eastern Europeans and most Eastern Europeans look like most Canadians.

Because of his association with the god of hockey, Cherry got jobs in the business of hockey. Soon he began going by the title of Don because , like mafia dons, he had a lot of power he didn’t deserve.

He dressed flamboyantly in the oddest of suits to make sure we respected his power.

To this day, Don Cherry is in the high levels of hockey leadership. Perhaps one day Canadians will see that he is truly biased and demand of this puke the same level of civility they demand of their politicians.

Someday soon, maybe 3 enforcers will be waiting for him.

And maybe, once retired, we will finally realize that fake vomit in one of those flamboyant suits, has just as much to give as Don Cherry.

For some context, check here.

UPDATE: I of course didn’t see the apology last Saturday night on Coach’s Corner to the three enforcers. Here is the news about it I foundĀ  Remember you can direct your displeasure at Cherry and Coach’s Corner to: ombudsman@cbc.ca . I’m preparing what might be a totally serious post on why this has come to a head now and the possible end to fighting in the NHL.


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