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My Member of Parliament and the other Feds

I’m annoyed with my Canadian Member of Parliament and the sheer amount of propaganda he sends me from the federal parliament. Because he’s an MP and a member of the ruling party, he gets to send these out on the … Continue reading

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The Moon is the New Mars – the Way the US Space Program was Going

Under Dubya’s vision for space, the U.S. was going to to go to the Moon again then eventually get to Mars. Allow me to illustrate how this was going to go. You can’t just have a vision. You have to … Continue reading

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The No Name Decades

Last decade we all struggled to find a widely accepted name for that time. And here we are, fresh into another decade and once again it has no generally accepted name. It made me laugh last decade to hear one … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Earth Hour?

It was reported on my television news that the power savings of earth hour had gone down locally. During last year’s Earth Hour, power usage decreased 6% of normal. This Earth Hour the power usage decreased only 4%. Does this … Continue reading

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There is a schism that exists in the art world. It is between realist artists and abstract artists. Or increasingly common, the names are illustrators and what I shall reveal later. First of all calling realist artists illustrators is, I … Continue reading

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All Fool’s Eve

All Fool’s Eve was first started in the 12th century at the court of King Gustaf in Latvia. Unable to decide which jester he liked the most he created a night of competition for the fools in the eve of … Continue reading

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