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The Brain Drain Revisited

In the previous post I tackled the brain drain problem: highly skilled and thus “brainy” Canadians moving to the United States in search of better pay or careers. Let’s examine that highly skilled equating to brainy assumption for a minute. … Continue reading

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The Brain Drain

For those of you who don’t know, a brain drain is said to exist from Canada to the United States. The U.S. is said to be luring Canada’s most sought after and brightest with offers of more money and better … Continue reading

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Maybe Uranus Will No Longer Be the Butt of All Jokes in the Solar System

We amateur astronomers and other language police have all shook our heads when the many, many of you have mispronounced the name Uranus into common English words. We have then chastised you although we were once amused by this low … Continue reading

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What I Don’t Like About Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics

Isaac Asimov wrote many stories and books containing his 3 Laws of Robotics. I would argue too many stories utilized the 3 Laws, and indeed I remember those who expressed concern that Asimov was tying together too much of his … Continue reading

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Seemingly, I Already Know What’s Under Those Clothes

Those new airport scanners that reveal the naked you are still stirring up controversy. The scanners show people as naked who walk through them and are also supposed to reveal things such as explosives in your underwear. People seem most … Continue reading

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It’s something I find quite amazing. Why is it that everyone’s finger is always smaller than the diameter of their nostrils? Throughout the ages this coincidence has led to nose picking, a habit that is deeply frowned upon in polite … Continue reading

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