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Does Nature Equal Cats?

So does nature = cats ? Yes, if nature demands you feed and water it, clean its litter, and pet it if it is so inclined.

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Homophone Poem

“Don’t tarry Terry,” Said hairy Harry, “Parry Perry, Bury Barry, Carry Carrie, And marry Mary!” While this homophone poem may have been observed in the past, it might have been uncovered in another accent where bury might not be a … Continue reading

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Yuk! Mint!

Let’s look at brushing our teeth. First of all we are supposed to brush after every meal according to dentists. But, as well, we are supposed to leave 20-30 minutes after our meal before brushing. And it is common European … Continue reading

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Something in the Air

People might try to pass it off as some sort of coincidence, but last year the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks made it to the Superbowl. That is the teams from Colorado and Washington state. These are the two … Continue reading

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Brave, Brave Donald Trump

Brave Donald Trump proved that he is indeed in the home of the brave, by bravely pressing some buttons on Twitter and uttering an opinion. In a nutshell this brave man dared to oppose a sitting government. Bravely the Donald … Continue reading

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Bigger Hogs

I wonder if it’s just my imagination or if the average motorcycle is actually getting bigger. Now some people may be concerned with noise so they might want smaller motorcycles. I say let the motorcycles get bigger. You can’t blame … Continue reading

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