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Name Vetting

A few years ago, a friend mentioned to me that he liked the name Brian for a boy. One of the reasons he gave for liking the name was that it was a name that wasn’t easily insulted. Of course … Continue reading

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Someone Forgot His Oath This Morning

The Green Lantern plummeted out of the sky quickly. Suddenly his ring made a giant green bouncy castle and that is where he landed. The gathered scientists just coughed and kicked stones, waiting for the superhero to stop bouncing. Finally … Continue reading

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The Vampire Theory

Check out Darla, the small face in the house, checking out what my two characters are talking about in the yard. Yeah! I checked out layering effects with this Bitstrips scene. I could put the character behind the fence or … Continue reading

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Improving on the Fallible Coin Flip

Have you ever had to settle something with a good old fashioned coin flip? It’s not 50/50 odds here in Canada when we use a quarter to settle the dispute. In that case the first side to call the flip … Continue reading

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Being Negative About Positronic

Isaac Asimov filled his robots with positronic brains. Positronic was largely a buzz word. The recently discovered (1940’s) positron inspired the name. Asimov may have known more. Like for instance the positron was the antimatter version of the electron. So … Continue reading

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Confessions of the Japan Thief

It was after being locked up for theft by Batman in Gotham City that I heard him speaking to Commissioner Gordon. I don’t know why Batman was being confessional but he said to the Commissioner, “You know Superman has no … Continue reading

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Uniqueness of Humanity

If you’re like me then you’ve heard that humanity sets itself apart from the rest of the animal world in many ways. Like for instance in our use of language. Of course this particular brand of uniqueness has been under … Continue reading

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