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Pairs Figure Skating: the Inevitable Changes

I object to the name of pairs figure skating as there is almost always a huge mismatch in heights of the male and female skaters. I’ve heard it said that at least a 6 inch difference in heights is necessary … Continue reading

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We Need a New Hockey Word

Currently the NHL Chicago Blackhawks have a record of eleven wins, no losses and 3 overtime losses. They are undefeated in regulation time. The NHL has no word for this. Yet. Perhaps this post will make a difference. It was … Continue reading

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This Website – Now Half Off

This has been a long time coming. You see I happened to notice a long while ago that the natural rate for the Many Rants of Larry Russwurm post was about once a week. In a week I can usually … Continue reading

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Big Bro: The Secret Plan for UK Dominance

The very first stage in this plan is the installation of video cameras everywhere. Practically everyone has heard of the ubiquitous cameras all over London. Recently bigwigs in the London video camera complex were worried that games in Europe, where … Continue reading

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The Insulting Clock Radio

It was awhile ago when I first noticed it. My own clock radio, without any provocation at all, called me 4 eyes. The nerve of it. I mean I feed it electricity just how it likes me to and this … Continue reading

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The Green Day Countdown

Now that the U. S. has entered a new stage of their space program, where their rocket missions are either done privately or in foreign Russia, many think that other remnants of the old space program ought to be updated. … Continue reading

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