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First They Cleaned Up Christmas…

Christmas takes place on one of the darkest times of years in the northern hemisphere. So hauntings also were associated with this time of year. Ghosts feature prominently in The Christmas Carol and that was more in keeping with that … Continue reading

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In Defence of Officer Bubbles

Some of you may have heard of “Bubbles” the Toronto G20 cop who threatened a female protester (henceforth known as the “force of evil”) with arrest if she blew that bubble and it landed on any law enforcement officer. The … Continue reading

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Economist’s Isle

This is the oldest of my noughties cartoons, roughly it dates from 2002. Still, I wanted to publish it due to the effectiveness of its slight against economics. Yes, economics is still considered an art. It’s good to remember this … Continue reading

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A Simple Fix But With Problems

Sometimes the simple fix isn’t good enough. In parts of the developed world, population growth peaked with the baby boomers. Now that they are beginning to retire, there aren’t enough people in the younger population to replace all of them … Continue reading

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They’re Coming

Asian carp were introduced to the Mississippi over 10 years ago and have spread up that river and into most of its tributaries. Asian carp are an invasive species that push out a lot of the native fish since they … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

Usually I’m all for getting more for my money. However at times issues of quality raise their heads. It was standard during the record era to have less than 45 minute albums. The maximum seemed to be slightly over 20 … Continue reading

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Inches in Weight Loss: Ripe for Misdirection

There needs to be some standard for loss of inches during weight loss, because as it stands, this can be used for deceitful results. There is no scientific standard in this type of reporting although it purports to be more … Continue reading

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Supposedly 2nd Rate Symbols

It was common in the ’70s and ’80s to hear Canadians self deprecatingly speak of our national symbols as 2nd rate. A maple leaf was somehow less than an oak leaf . A beaver was a lesser beast than an … Continue reading

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Almost Nazi Swastikas

I was surprised a couple of years ago when I saw this Boing Boing article about a Swastika shaped building in the US. In the article it was not even questioned that the offending shape must be changed even though … Continue reading

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