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Truth in Advertising

I felt weird the first time I heard the Conservatives of Canada being called Cons. It was even weirder that it was a Conservative Party supporter that I heard it from. I’ve heard it again, also from a Conservative supporter … Continue reading

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Musicians are Tone Deaf

Right off the top it might not be all musicians. I am going by all the songs I know in the English speaking world. Why the English language? That, as it turns out, is important. The English language itself has … Continue reading

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Solving the Exercise Difficulty

There is a loophole in my post of last week. In that post I explained that couch potatoes if they exercised 15 minutes a day to get 3 years of extra life, this was equivalent to 1.2 years of solid … Continue reading

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About the New Banner

Many thanks to my sister Laurel for creating my new banner for this blog. She is very skilled in photo manipulation as evidenced by this banner and creates the best cards from her computer and many pictures she takes. For … Continue reading

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Hope for Couch Potatoes

It was a much ballyhooed study that took the media by storm for a day. As little as 15 minutes a day of exercise can add an average of 3 years of extra life. You could tell the media was … Continue reading

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Superpower: Sun Shielding

I made myself a deal when I thought of this cartoon. I knew I was going to publish it for today but I didn’t know the how of it. I said if there is an easy to use backward baseball … Continue reading

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Zombie Jobless Headed Toward Me!

Here are the straight goods as revealed to me by this article. Windsor, the Canadian city across the river from Detroit, has for awhile held the title of worst economy in Canada. But just recently the title came to London, … Continue reading

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Take a Look But Don’t Touch

Any cursory glance at the mass media might tell you that the most attractive women have three traits. One, they’re thinner than average women. Two, they have larger breasts than the average woman. And three, their muscle tone is less … Continue reading

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Hands Inking Hands

  I think Escher tried to be inclusive in his famous “Drawing Hands” picture. After all, one of the hands is a left hand and the other is a right hand. Or maybe Escher just wanted to produce ‘one magical … Continue reading

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Obese and Wonderful

The obese and wonderful segment of the population, while perhaps being bad in a few ways, is good in at least one way. Of course much of the public would see any increase in obese numbers as bad and unwanted. … Continue reading

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