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The Mitt Elects Mitt, After Mitt Disses the Mitt, After Mitt leaves the Mitt

^That title makes sense if you realize that the state of Michigan is “the mitt”. Look below to see my drawing of Michigan. The lower, bigger, more populous part of Michigan looks like a mitt, hence the name for the … Continue reading

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I’m writing this article about obtainium, poor sister of the more famous unobtainium from the movie Avatar. We heard so very much about unobtainium from that movie. How it was worth raping a planet for. How beautiful the planet was … Continue reading

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There is No Perfect Toy for a Cat

Cats seem to lord it over anything smaller than themselves. They kill mice, eat flies and even kill rats and rabbits. Cats are tough for their size. This seems to be true all the way up to the big cats. … Continue reading

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Pickup Cars

Truck. Truck. Truck. Truck. Truck Truck. Truck. That’s how many times your average pickup truck ad describes their product as just a truck. Only once or twice in the entire piece do they use the full ‘pickup truck’ moniker. A … Continue reading

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What if Average Height Keeps Increasing?

I was going to cite the information tidbit that was in the margins of one of my elementary school textbooks that said, ‘children will grow up to be one inch taller than their same sex parent’. This may have been … Continue reading

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Alternative to Affirmative Action?

Philosophically, I hate affirmative action. Affirmative action is done to compensate for the prejudice that lingers in society by giving groups who are often discriminated against an advantage. Often times, women or minorities are given a better chance at getting … Continue reading

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Making Sense Out of Cell Replenishment

Perhaps you’ve heard that every seven years, your bodily cells replenish themselves. Or maybe you’ve heard it happens every ten years. Well I have heard this, too. The seven year thing, especially, makes sense. After all if you’ve broken a … Continue reading

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Has Liz II Been Cheated Out of an Era?

On this coming Monday, February 6, 2012 it will be 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II began reigning over Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. This diamond jubilee has only happened once before in British history: Queen Victoria … Continue reading

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Boy is My Face Red

Yes my face is red and reader I’ll let you guess whether it’s from embarrassment, anger or cold (it is after all Canada in the winter). You see, I have authored 4 posts mocking the mailings of my member of … Continue reading

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