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The Masked Asphalt Chewer

I came up with this post while I was thinking more destructively than normal. I thought, ‘what kind of car/truck design might destroy the very asphalt the driver was riding upon?’. My first instinct was to have wheels (titanium of … Continue reading

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Novel Writing Month Winner

I participated in National Novel Writing Month again this year. Last year some of you may remember I won the challenge of writing over 50 000 words in the month of November. I tried not to brag too much because … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Surname?

Queen Elizabeth II of the British commonwealth does quite well without a surname. She has enough variety in her full name to almost never be in need of another name. Allow me to guide you. I think the name Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Are Farmers Fowl Racists?

All the turkeys I’ve ever seen on farms (in real life, pictures, or video) are white. All the geese I’ve ever seen on farms are white. All the ducks I’ve ever seen on a farm are white. The majority of … Continue reading

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The Gayist Post

Take a look at the following three words and focus on the one that doesn’t belong: Racist; Sexist; Homophobic. All three are labels to attach to someone who is prejudiced. Not only is homophobic much longer and less succinct, it … Continue reading

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