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There’s a Fine Line Between Scientist and Supervillain

When you hear in the news that a meth lab or ecstasy lab has been busted you have to wonder who were the scientists that strayed into a criminal lifestyle? This means that not every scientist sees their pay as … Continue reading

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A Seemingly Simple Prediction

The current generation of children may have shorter lifespans than their parents. This was reported far and wide earlier this year so I wouldn’t be surprised if you had heard it already. Predicting the future is notoriously difficult and I’m … Continue reading

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Muses and the Epic Battle Between Good and Evil

Smart people are inspired by life. Clever people are inspired by other people’s lives (or biographies). Mildly sly people are inspired by novels. Average people are inspired by movies. Mildly ditzy people are inspired by hour long TV shows. Insufferable … Continue reading

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Squealing on My Bacteria and Virus Overlords

I hope I don’t get into trouble squealing on my bacteria and virus overlords. For reasons I will show later, I think that bacteria and viruses control our bodies even more than our brains do. Consider first that bacteria make … Continue reading

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Rap as Social Engineering

When I first heard of Rap, I didn’t like it. They were taking something I liked, music, and creating a whole category that I had no respect for. To be a musician, I thought, you either had to have the … Continue reading

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Empire of Shit, Sh*t, $#*!,$h*!

By now, even I have heard about Shit My Dad Says. This small empire was founded by son, Justin, putting out a Twitter feed with the strange, uncensored things his father said. That Twitter feed is still going and can … Continue reading

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An Obvious Sign of Refinement

Can we all just agree that the term “wino” is an abomination on the good name of wine drinkers everywhere. The vast majority of wine drinkers are refined people of good taste and are mostly not concerned where their next … Continue reading

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Them Heavy Nudes

I’ve had it pointed out to me a number of times that the late 20th century, early 21st century obsession with thin females is just a cultural thing. Indeed, the favourite subjects of nudes in the renaissance were much heavier. … Continue reading

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Reusing a Political Cartoon

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you might wonder why I am repeating this political cartoon. It’s quite simple, It fits for new circumstances. Basically James Moore (depicted) held public consultations for a Canadian book policy review. After … Continue reading

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