An Obvious Sign of Refinement

Can we all just agree that the term “wino” is an abomination on the good name of wine drinkers everywhere. The vast majority of wine drinkers are refined people of good taste and are mostly not concerned where their next hit of alcohol is coming from. Else they’d join those winos looking for the cheapest drink with the most amount of alcohol.

And where is it more obvious that this refinement is there than in the class and culture of their leaders, the wine tasters. There is an art to this tasting and it can be seen here. Carefully these connoisseurs examine the colour, smell and taste of the wines. And then they spit it out.

Huh? They spit it out? Isn’t this an action reserved for the foulest tasting things one can put in one’s mouth? If spitting it out becomes an action of the most refined of society, we have managed to skew the importance of things.

Suddenly brushing one’s teeth becomes the most important, cultured act of cleaning up. Since it involves the fine act of spitting so very much, perhaps it is better to brush your teeth 7 times a day and shower only once a week. The refinement of spitting makes this palatable and almost necessary.

The act of chewing tobacco should become more mainstream and high class because it too, involves the refined act of spitting. But really, society doesn’t truly support it because we don’t want to see these uber cultured people die young because of the cancers caused by the tobacco. Otherwise…

It also becomes high class to show your derision of people by spitting on them. Sure, the police can arrest you for assault, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you responded in a refined way to your feelings of derision to another person.

Spitting should take it’s rightful place of importance in the upper class. No longer should the upper class meet at noon to duel out a disagreement. No longer should one slap the face of your opponent with gloves. From today on the upper class should show it’s disgust by spitting.

Next week’s article : How we can tell apart the upper and lower classes when they both spit in your face to show their hostility.

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