Empire of Shit, Sh*t, $#*!,$h*!

By now, even I have heard about Shit My Dad Says. This small empire was founded by son, Justin, putting out a Twitter feed with the strange, uncensored things his father said. That Twitter feed is still going and can be found here.

The Twitter feed snowballed after being mentioned on national TV and on a popular blog, Laughing Squid. Justin Halpern was green lighted to write a book with the more demure title Sh*t My Dad Says. If you wish to purchase it, it can be found here, along with reviews.

Then somehow or other William Shatner sunk his claws into the lead roll of the father as $#*! My Dad Says became a prime time comedy show. It’s pronounced Bleep My Dad Says. To watch episodes of $#*! My Dad Says, they can be found here at cbs.com .

And interestingly enough, Wikipedia cannot use a # sign in their titles so they call the television show $h*! My Dad Says.

Are you noticing the same thing I am? There is a multitude of ways to spell out Shit My Dad Says. In a way I guess it’s good. The Twitter feed is separated from the book which is differentiated from the television series. But what of those times when we wish to tie the whole empire together?

I suggest calling the empire $#!+ My Dad Says. Why this, then, another hard to remember series of symbols?

It’s not so hard to memorize. $ contains an S, # contains an H, ! gets substituted for i in many instances and + is obviously a t. Basically we can spell this particular swear word in symbols. You don’t have to memorize anything new if you can figure that out. And some of you thought leet speak was an endpoint, the world just couldn’t get more decadent.

In fact this should be used as the series title, since it’s easier to remember, if the FCC would allow it. But we all know how liberal they are.

As for Wikipedia, this just says that the world cannot be written in just one language. It can’t be written in just one character set, either. Let this be a lesson to you.

This blog post was inspired by the word @$$.

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