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Ben Johnson for the Order of Canada

Let’s look at the good Ben Johnson did. He handled reporters well as an up and coming track star in the eighties. The steroids he took were not a magic bullet. He still had to train strongly to attain his … Continue reading

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Suspension of Disbelief Important for Cats and Kids

I usually play with my cat twice per day with a string. I get frustrated that she ignores the string for a long time, sometimes. I guess she is practising her looking like part of the background skills. Or is … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs Cause Fatigue

More information gets circulated about bed bugs as they become more and more common. The pesticides we formerly used on them have been banned. I knew we would become a bit more susceptible to them but a new public information … Continue reading

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The Story of the Lost Hijja

Climate change deniers pose as the other side of the climate change “debate”. Well, I’ve got news for them. Climate change science isn’t the other pole of the spectrum. Indeed climate change scientists are centrists. The other pole of climate … Continue reading

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C. D. Howe Institute Signals Ontario Mega Rich How to Revolt

For those of you who don’t know, the C. D. Howe Institute is a Canadian right wing think tank. That is the official story. But when the results are predetermined (right wing) it’s not a think tank, more like a … Continue reading

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Embarrassed about Reading

It was either Grade 5 or Grade 6 when the teacher decided to have a reading contest in our classroom. Now I knew that this would fall flat amongst the rest of the boys because if it wasn’t for library … Continue reading

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Give a Monkey a Brain and He’ll Swear He’s the Centre of the Universe

That’s not my title, it’s from a Fishbone album in the ’90s but it suits my post nicely. A long, long time ago in the eighties, I was thinking about what I want to do with my life as far … Continue reading

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Baby on Board Certification

Baby on Board signs have always been a self regulated kind of thing. The majority of the public doesn’t abuse the sign or the kind of behaviour the signs are meant to evoke. Myself and I think most of the … Continue reading

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Could We Save Lives, Money and Put a Dent in Crime?

I’m not trying to oversell it but I’m very excited about my idea that could save a life or lives, thousands – even millions of dollars and help take a bite out of crime. And that’s just in my region … Continue reading

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