Bed Bugs Cause Fatigue

More information gets circulated about bed bugs as they become more and more common. The pesticides we formerly used on them have been banned. I knew we would become a bit more susceptible to them but a new public information poster on the bus made it seem that we are becoming downright welcoming.

The poster said an infestation of bed bugs can cause fatigue in humans. You heard that right. More fatigue means we’re feeding more bed bugs.

This is as stupid as a hen laying an egg and then picking it up and handing it to the farmer.

This is as stupid as a cow trying to skin herself so her owner could have leather couches.

This is as stupid as a two pigs makin’ bacon but not in the slightly risque way this is portrayed as in country mythology. More like in the sadistic/masochistic way that involves no sex, but involves a knife and plenty of salt.

This is as stupid as a sheep leaving the herd to frolic with the wolves.

This is as stupid as a mouse sneaking up on a cat and noisily unbelling it.

Aren’t humans supposed to be the apex of evolution? I’m reminded that the apex thing is a myth. Sometimes evolution goes upwards. But it’s also likely to go downwards and its most frequent trick is to go sideways. Evolution you are a bitch.

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