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Theme Songs and Age of Shows

Have you ever winced while watching the theme song intro to the Simpsons and thought this goes on forever. Or maybe you haven’t but eventually will. This year I came up with a thought. “You know I can probably make … Continue reading

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Human on Plastic Action

Since my last post was about shower curtains being attracted to humans I only think it’s right that I now discuss human on plastic action. It’s on a TV commercial. This may be regional (southern Ontario) but it’s on a … Continue reading

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The Horny Shower Curtain

I’m about to surprise you, dear reader, by saying I know you’re attractive. You’re saying to yourself right now, “How could he possibly know that – this must be one of those psychic tricks.” But not only do I know … Continue reading

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They’re Torturing Mice You Know

Scientists have just come up with something new, a Mouse Grimace Scale. The title alone clues you in that they had to torture mice to come up with such a scale. It’s exactly what it sounds like, they recorded facial … Continue reading

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Great Big Convoy

Tractor trailers made a huge splash in the 1970’s. The logo “Keep on Trucking” was everywhere. There were TV shows and movies and songs. And indeed that culture helped lead us into our present dependence (especially in smaller centers) on … Continue reading

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The New Political Movement

We’ve all heard of recent burka bans in various European nations. Now I was thinking about pointing out that the nun’s habit is along the same lines but… Then it occurred to me, the full repercussions of these new laws. … Continue reading

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Cheesily Romantic Art

Years ago some friends of mine were getting married. I forget what I gave them as a gift. But for a card there was something “unique” that I wanted to give them. You see, years earlier I had purchased “The … Continue reading

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