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The Right is Right, But the Left is More Right: A Mathematical Proof

We’ll start this proof with a simple relation. Right angle = 90 degree angle Therefore, Right =90 degrees. Now we’ve all heard of “doing a 180” which is to do the opposite. This comes from the mathematics which means to … Continue reading

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The Ads About Nothing

Twice now the Canadian political comedy show The Rick Mercer Report has said that the many, many ads for the Canadian government’s “Economic Action Plan” point out the ordinary spending of any government and call it their “Action Plan”. Really … Continue reading

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Newfoundland Houndstooth

When I was a kid, houndstooth patterns were in style, although I never heard the term. The pants I had my mother just called a checkered pattern. But now larger houndstooth patterns are in style (shown here) so I noticed … Continue reading

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What Has Really Happened to Germany’s New York Gold

According to this article, the island of Manhattan has the United States’ biggest gold reserves. Bigger than even Fort Knox. An intriguing twist is that much of the reserves belong to Germany. Before Germany’s currency was taken off the gold … Continue reading

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Stockholm Syndrome

Cow in overalls with a pitchfork. Pig in overalls: “Be a good dog and fetch me the keys to the tractor!” Dog: “Grrrr!” Chicken: “Bark?” Also thought about doing Stockholm Syndrome at the zoo or in school.

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