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Commercial for Bell’s Fibe TV Sounds a Lot Like Homeopathy

If you still watch some ads on network TV like I do, in Canada, then chances are you’ve come across a certain ad for Fibe TV. In the ad a presumed gay couple are at a real estate open house … Continue reading

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Homeopathy and the High Price of Chemicals

Homeopathy is the discipline (hah!) that states that a properly diluted chemical can still have an effect on your immune system. The dilutions are so extreme, that there is either a vanishingly small amount of the original, active ingredient or … Continue reading

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What Has Really Happened to Germany’s New York Gold

According to this article, the island of Manhattan has the United States’ biggest gold reserves. Bigger than even Fort Knox. An intriguing twist is that much of the reserves belong to Germany. Before Germany’s currency was taken off the gold … Continue reading

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