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At one time Canada had a national embarrassment. You see we held the summer Olympics in Montreal in 1976 and we failed to get a gold medal. It was such a blatantly honest performance that the IOC let us host … Continue reading

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Another Fine Back Up

Lines are needed during any spacewalk. In the frictionless environment up there, the only thing to push off against is the spaceship. There is nothing to push back against to get back to the spaceship. Thus, the line is the … Continue reading

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The spectacle that’s called the Winter Olympics is soon to start in Vancouver and that got me to thinking. Why is it that athletes are still setting world records? And it seems that they are doing it with regularity. I’d … Continue reading

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Open Call for Cartoonists

I haven’t been keeping track of any stats on this site, like how many views I get per article and such. I’m just crossing my fingers that there is a large enough critical mass of you that at least one … Continue reading

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Power Equals Momentum Equals Force

Right now on the Canadian Television Network (CTV) they are airing an ad for the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics. I want to throttle the copywriter because they equate power with momentum and force, terms which don’t even come close to … Continue reading

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