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The Enhanced Games

The Enhanced Games might actually get off the ground and offer a place where athletes can use steroids and other scientific enhancements while competing. They hope to get the “real” world records. And if you care to say that this … Continue reading

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Taking a Dive

With the advent of more sports betting companies than ever, taking a dive in sport seems more likely than maybe it has ever been. For those of you who don’t know, taking a dive is when the better boxer, speed … Continue reading

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At one time Canada had a national embarrassment. You see we held the summer Olympics in Montreal in 1976 and we failed to get a gold medal. It was such a blatantly honest performance that the IOC let us host … Continue reading

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The spectacle that’s called the Winter Olympics is soon to start in Vancouver and that got me to thinking. Why is it that athletes are still setting world records? And it seems that they are doing it with regularity. I’d … Continue reading

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