Mother Earth

Mother Earth has never been met in real life by any of those who call her Mother Earth. To them she breaks into or is invited onto computer or phone or television screens. The image that they see is of a 30? year old woman whose image there is no record of anywhere on Earth.

Her power is that she can break into any computer system in about a second. At first, the rest of her group thought that she was just some super hacker.

But her abilities are beyond any hacker’s capabilities and it was later found out that Mother Earth is in possession of the best quantum computer in the world which can just tear through encrypted systems. It is generally believed that mathematicians will not have invented new encryption (that is hard for even a quantum computer to work through) for a decade. For now Mother Earth is the greatest force in breaking encryption.

As a result, all the world’s powers want Mother Earth. They have already captured Tail for a month to try to find what he knows about her.

Mother Earth is wise to keep low even as she leads her team in fighting crime.