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One Cutesy Swear Word to Rule Them All

WARNING: This post should only ever be read by very mature individuals. SECONDARY WARNING: If you are mature enough to read this post you will, with great certainty, not find it the least bit funny. There is a cutesy substitution … Continue reading

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Lime and Alcohol

It was a number of years ago when I first tried a lime wedge pushed into the neck of a bottle of beer. I think it was Corona beer that was promoting this method of annoying beer bottle reusing programs … Continue reading

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Arms for the Discerning Dictator

There are still many dictatorships scattered around the world. Each one is controlled by some paranoid (that’s how they maintain power), scared of rivals who might usurp their position or even rival countries that will bomb their country into submission. … Continue reading

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The Necker Cube Lie

I have drawn for you the so called Necker cube. It reminds one of a real world cube constructed of 12 straight wires. For centuries people have been fascinated by its ambiguity. It can be seen to represent a cube … Continue reading

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