Lime and Alcohol

It was a number of years ago when I first tried a lime wedge pushed into the neck of a bottle of beer. I think it was Corona beer that was promoting this method of annoying beer bottle reusing programs since the wedge many times got lodged in the bottle.

The rest of the beer oligopoly figured this one out and began selling premixed lime beer. Right now I can buy Miller Lime (get it – Miller time), Bud Light Lime and and Kitchener-Waterloo’s own Red Baron Lime. It saves their system from fishing out those lime wedges and let’s face it, beer per volume is more expensive than lime juice per volume. But most importantly, I, the consumer, prefer the taste.

After this I had a more interesting run in with lime. A friend lured me over to his place with the promise of free alcohol. I of course immediately rushed out to partake. Only when I got there did I realize the only alcohol he had left was tequila.

For two decades after coming of age to drink alcohol I drank no tequila. You see in those early days of my drinking I did have tequila as well as too much of other alcohol. I ended up ralphing my guts out. I remember the taste of tequila on the way out. Once you’ve experienced that, two decades of abstinence from tequila is nothing.

So I cursed my seemingly generous friend. He promised me tequila is fine if you take a bite of lime after each swig. I didn’t believe him that something so minor could change my mind. Still I agreed to try it once.

The tequila was fine. This different taste to chase the tequila made all the difference. So I am now bullish on lime’s positive effect on alcohol.

I must try a lime rickey, now. As well, light coloured alcohol is supposed to go nice with light coloured mix. 7 Up is a lemon lime flavoured pop that is light coloured so I should try it with all the light coloured alcohols.

But I am even more bullish on the power of lime with alcohol. Let’s start putting lemon wedges into all beers, not just the light coloured ones. How about a lime wedge in Guinness beer?

7 Up can go into the darker spirits like whiskey. Sounds scrumptious.

A few lime wedges would fit oh so nicely into champagne. And with wines both red and white, you can shake the bottle for a better mix of the wedges and alcohol. Who needs the alleged classiness of grapes when you have the superior taste of the lime with alcohol.

The last and best use of a lime would be to somehow ferment lime juice to create an alcohol. Now that must be pure ambrosia. It would be the penultimate use of lime and alcohol.

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