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Ranking the Power of Certain Nations

By now everyone has heard about the way Donald Trump practically groveled to Vladimir Putin. But it was obvious this was going to happen. After all, Trump might owe his election win to Russian meddling in the American election. Then, … Continue reading

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Maybe Trump Wasn’t Too Far Off When He Said Kim Jong Un Loved His People

Perhaps Trump is on to something. What does a dictator most fear? His people. Which is why Kim Jong Un is most ruthless with them. Who do his people most fear? Why Kim Jong Un. They are locked in this … Continue reading

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Money For Nothing

Just about now, those who have invested in sea shore real estate in the U.S. might be thinking of the alternatives. Especially if global warming actually creates higher sea levels. The way I see it, there are two choices. The … Continue reading

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Novel Writing Month Winner

I participated in National Novel Writing Month again this year. Last year some of you may remember I won the challenge of writing over 50 000 words in the month of November. I tried not to brag too much because … Continue reading

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What Has Really Happened to Germany’s New York Gold

According to this article, the island of Manhattan has the United States’ biggest gold reserves. Bigger than even Fort Knox. An intriguing twist is that much of the reserves belong to Germany. Before Germany’s currency was taken off the gold … Continue reading

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The Racist Party

During Ontario’s last election, I picked on one of the big parties for being “the party of the intolerant”. This was my first humourless post, I was that serious about the allegation. You see, every election cycle it seems that … Continue reading

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Cal I. Fornia

For the ten millionth time I ‘ve seen an ad for Flo Rida’s latest album. The Flo Rida where the capital F is the state of Florida with two bars attached to finish the F. Normally I would try my … Continue reading

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What Would Happen if the Tea Party Becomes a Real Political Party

I know there seems to be more animosity between the Tea Partiers and the leftish Republicans. It’s only a matter of time before Tea Partiers join with the Democrats to outvote the normal Republicans. So it would seem inevitable that … Continue reading

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