Novel Writing Month Winner

I participated in National Novel Writing Month again this year. Last year some of you may remember I won the challenge of writing over 50 000 words in the month of November. I tried not to brag too much because some of you noticed that I wrote 50 000 words of short stories so what I succeeded in doing was being a Writing Month Winner.


This year I tried completing a novel (my first!) and I succeeded so now I can claim the title of Novel Writing Month Winner. As proof, below is my badge.





But I live in Canada and the contest is put on by people headquartered in the United States. So for next year Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper is going to have to declare war on the United States and win. Then if I complete the contest I can truly call myself a National Novel Writing Month Winner.


I know that some of you are disappointed by my willingness to start a war when in sports, the National Hockey League has both American and Canadian teams as well as the National Basketball Association. Even the National Football League has one Buffalo Bills home game played in Toronto. So why can’t I make an all inclusive definition of national the way jocks have embraced it?


Well I’m not a jock. I’m a writer so sometimes I hang by technicalities. So next year it is really up to Stephen Harper.


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