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The Machinations of Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery may look pretty good to us who are unbeautiful. Maybe plastic surgery is a conduit to a pleasant, superficial life. But what lies behind the dark doors of that profession? There is no undo button on plastic surgery. … Continue reading

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Santa Stakeout

I did indeed stakeout the neighbourhood last night, just like I said I would last post. I had a chair, paper and a pencil and that promised red light flashlight. Most of the time I stood, though, because the chair … Continue reading

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On Santa

Some years ago I traveled to Buffalo, New York with my Dad. While there, we went to a second hand shop. On the wall ( I forget if it was for sale or not) was an elaborate etching. I’ve crudely … Continue reading

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Happy Blogiversary

Today marks my first complete year of blogging. Like most bloggers I’m stat obsessed so let me share some with you. I’ve written 82 posts. That’s one a week for the first half of the year then all the way … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts

Maybe one day I will get into the Denting or Tweeting lifestyle. But so far my thoughts I’ve thought worthy of publishing to the world are too large for Twitter or even . So here are two thoughts that … Continue reading

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Alright, I’m mega years late to the party. I’ve known the song December by Collective Soul for ages but never knew all the words till I bought the CD on sale earlier this year. Firstly December’s not like September where … Continue reading

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The Key to Majority Government in Canada

Deep in the darkest recesses of Ottawa sits Stephen Harper, plotting his majority government and all the wonderful things he will do if he ever gets one. But I have news for you Mr. Harper. I have analysed the last … Continue reading

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The Can of Worms – It’s Coming

Despite where things lie now, ranking of the rights of people is bound to occur. For instance we obviously do have some forms of age discrimination (retirement, age of majority) even though we shouldn’t according to our Charter of Rights. … Continue reading

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The Sister Wives Belong in Jail, Too

They just replayed the Oprah episode where she interviewed Kody Brown, his three wives and one girlfriend. This was one huge advertisement for the Sister Wives TV show on TLC and polygamy. Oprah was trying to keep an open mind … Continue reading

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