Santa Stakeout

I did indeed stakeout the neighbourhood last night, just like I said I would last post. I had a chair, paper and a pencil and that promised red light flashlight. Most of the time I stood, though, because the chair was cold.

It was a long stakeout. I went out just after 10 p.m. because I figure that’s when kids are put to bed. I was out for hours and was getting a bit cold although dressed very warmly. However, what made me go in for a few moments was the fact that I had to go to the washroom. I rushed inside and into the washroom but I still almost missed Santa. What I saw when I came out I’ve copied to this blog below.

What I saw agreed with what my friend Jerome Watson said! (last post)  The blobs pictured are, I think, flying reindeer lifting Santa’s sleigh and pulling it forward.  The reddish glow I think is Rudolph and the big blob being towed could be Santa in his sleigh.

Since the sleigh and everything else left really quickly, I didn’t get to see them in action delivering gifts. But this is how Jerome says it goes down. The reindeer are able to hover like a helicopter or a hummingbird and can gently lower the sleigh to a roof or the ground. This explains why Santa doesn’t make a huge clatter and wake everyone in the house.

Of course what I saw wasn’t definitive. I can’t be sure that the blobs were reindeer and Santa’s sleigh. But Jerome and I propose this alternate theory of Santa and his sleigh. Maybe one day we’ll be able to decide between our theory and the Standard Model of Santa.

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