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Anchored in Past Tense

The first thing I thought as I perused my sister Laurie’s draft of her novel Inconstant Moon was that it was unfortunately in present tense. ‘Why is this unfortunate?’ you might ask, and I would tell you that I immediately … Continue reading

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Fire Breathing Dragon Guitars

I was a kid during the lion share of the Glam Rock period. Still, the imprint was there when I first started playing guitar in the mid 1980’s. So, despite possibly being seen as a throwback, when I came up … Continue reading

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Approaches by the Other

Here’s what I have written on a scrap of paper as an idea for this post: Since the weaker members of society are being given more respect, what will we use for insults? Maybe sacrifice the F word and totally … Continue reading

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The 27 Year Old Musician Jinx

I remember reading a list of about 15 musicians who had their careers cut short by death. There was a brief biography of each which amongst other things listed the age of their deaths. Half of them died at the … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village

C.E.O.’s have got us convinced that they are extremely necessary for a company’s bottom line. Look at the cult of Jobs or the cult of Trump or even the former cult of Iacocca. And what does it matter, in the … Continue reading

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Policing the Word Police

I’ve been surfing the net to find what phrase or word has superseded the older and now frowned upon term ‘mentally retarded’. I did it for pure self interest, at first, until I found that the phrase I thought might … Continue reading

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Are Secret Blondes Dumb

Last post I brought up the idea of “secret blondes”. They were young people who start out blonde but in adulthood end up with dark hair, people whose hair turns blonde by too much sun exposure, and white haired elderly … Continue reading

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Blonde Jokes are Racist

We’ve all heard the dumb blonde jokes. We can feign innocence but we all know these jokes exist precisely to make fun of blondes. No correlation between blonde hair and lowered intelligence has ever been shown to exist. This negative … Continue reading

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Could High British Fashion be Influenced by a Canadian Serial Killer

If you saw any part of the guests at the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate last week, I bet you noticed the hats. No not the bland hat that the Queen and other older women wore, but the startling … Continue reading

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