Blonde Jokes are Racist

We’ve all heard the dumb blonde jokes. We can feign innocence but we all know these jokes exist precisely to make fun of blondes. No correlation between blonde hair and lowered intelligence has ever been shown to exist.

This negative stereotype is just as bad as any racial stereotype joke. Regular readers might know my take on some racist jokes and it is also true for some of the blonde jokes. Instead of making blondes the butt of the joke, it is possible to make “the leader” the butt of these jokes.

How did everyone know that Stephen Harper [prime minister of Canada] made a mistake on the computer? They found whiteout on the screen.

The reason blonde jokes are just as offensive as racist jokes is because a blonde cannot help being blonde. I mean they could dye their hair but so too can different skin pigments be covered up. Granted the skin thing is much more laborious and so much less likely to be done. I refuse to insult a blonde person because they have not coloured their hair.

And there are “secret blondes” that fly under the radar of the blonde racist. Two of my sisters had blonde hair when they were little but grew into brown hair as adults. I myself have dark brown hair but one summer worked outdoors ten hours a day and ended up with blonde streaks in my hair. And of course one of the range of colours that is called blonde is white hair. Most elderly people get white hair with age. So at some point in life, most people are blonde. Together we can take down the regime of making blondes feel dumb.

Still, if a blonde uses the stereotype “blondes have more fun”, I think they are trying to make themselves superior than the differently coloured. In that case I don’t think the “secret blondes” would object to a blonde joke or two, or even better yet, a joke about that particular person (substitute their name for Stephen Harper).

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4 Responses to Blonde Jokes are Racist

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  2. notafanofblondejokes says:

    hey theres that joke that goes Q:why are blonde jokes so short A:so brunettes can remember them

  3. Larry says:

    I actually have salt and pepper hair so if we get some back and forth between blondes and brunettes I will just end up confused. Since this is really just an insult joke, I suggest we couch them in leader and pawn terms. Q: Why are pawn jokes so short? A: So the leader can remember them. Note that the leader is always the butt of the joke whether a blonde or brunette.

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