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Liz: ‘No Fascinators at My Diamond Jubilee’

Perhaps Liz didn’t quite come out and say this so directly. In fact this never officially came from her lips in any form. But the upper crust at Ascot racecourse will no longer accept the head wear at the royal … Continue reading

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New Improved Birth Order Theory

In the post All Psychologists are Lazy, I took umbrage with the state of birth order theory. I especially disliked that theory which stated 5th born children are the same as 1st born children and 6th born children are the … Continue reading

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The Ligh-yer Based Professions and the Unending Copyright Wars

On SOPA/PIPA protest day (there has been at least one call to name it Netizens Day), the supreme court of the USA decided that since they had cover, they could rule that the public domain could be taken from the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate in Anti Intellectuals – Cats

I just got a new cat. A pretty black cat that goes by the name of Bast. She is roughly a year and a half old and I welcome her into my life. There’s just one thing. I forgot how … Continue reading

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Stories that are Setting Driven

Fiction writing has long been divided into the two areas of Genre fiction and Literary fiction. It has been said that one of the contrasting features of these two areas is that Genre fiction is plot driven and Literary fiction … Continue reading

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Poor Harper – He’s Jonesing Right Now

It’s been about 8 months. Or 254 days. That’s about 6 096 hours. Poor Stephen Harper. That’s how long it’s been since he’s run an attack ad. Who could have foreseen it? Both major opposition parties being leaderless this long. … Continue reading

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An Offbeat Strategy for an Offbeat Party

Update: I was down Bleams Road today (January 22) and the sign is down. Which is too bad, really, because I might have done another post by getting a group of people around the sign, holding up their index finger … Continue reading

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The Leap Week Calendar

Imagine that you have a birthday on a Monday. ‘Fine’ you sputter on that Monday morning ‘at least I have almost equal odds of getting a birthday on a Sunday or a Saturday’. But you’ve been hearing rumours of a … Continue reading

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