Liz: ‘No Fascinators at My Diamond Jubilee’

Perhaps Liz didn’t quite come out and say this so directly. In fact this never officially came from her lips in any form. But the upper crust at Ascot racecourse will no longer accept the head wear at the royal enclosure. Presumably this is okay with the Queen. Indeed she may have ordered it herself with the hint that truly important royal events better not have fascinators.

If you’re unfamiliar with the fascinators a search for fascinator images might give you a feeling for what they are. They are mostly small hats or other head wear usually placed on the head at such gravity defying angles that they must be pinned to the hair (although the demure wearers might not tell you this). They are especially popular amongst the younger British upper class. The Duchess of Cambridge herself and the princess Bea and Eugenie have been known to sport them.

Liz has been upstaged by fascinators at her grandson’s wedding already. I’m sure that there are other events on the social calendar that have made her cringe (but royally!) knowing that all the talk is about the latest fascinators.

Well the head of the monarchy might not say which way Britain is going politically anymore, but she rules with an iron fist when it comes to the style of the upper class. And fascinators aren’t going to upstage Liz at her diamond jubilee. The jubilee is for reigning for 60 straight years. Only Queen Victoria has previously managed this feat in all of British tradition.

Royal Ascot’s demands are one with the Queen. This was a classy way to announce it Liz. So for this year, expect Liz to bring classy back. Well at least an 85-year-old’s idea of classy.

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