Boy is My Face Red

Yes my face is red and reader I’ll let you guess whether it’s from embarrassment, anger or cold (it is after all Canada in the winter).

You see, I have authored 4 posts mocking the mailings of my member of parliament (Harold Albrecht). After all if taxpayer money is to be wasted on this, someone who finds failings in these reports encourages less money be spent.

It’s just that in the last mailing, there was a survey attached which was online. Finally curious, I checked it out. And despite the mailing being under the Harold Albrecht name, this survey was a Conservative party of Canada endeavour.

Much to my chagrin, I realized that most of the content in the mailings came directly from the higher ups in the Conservative party. And with the short leash Stephen Harper allows his MP’s to be on, it’s probably half true that the mailings originated in his office.

So when I said in “My Member of Parliament and the Other Feds” that Harold Albrecht was a hypocrite, what should have been said was that Stephen Harper was a controlling hypocrite.

Most of the post “More Harold Albrecht Propaganda” also should refer to Harper as well.

Stephen Harper should be called doubly a liar in “Hounding the Hounder”.

And in the recent “Harold Albrecht Spin Machine is Back”, it should be said that Harper is the one who is obnoxiously leading in his spin.

Firstly I am shocked that the mighty Conservative propaganda machine came up with these fliers and leading questions. You don’t expect something that has won elections, like the Conservative party, to be so bad at spin. The liar tag and hypocrite tag I was able to give to Haro—make that Stephen Harper, was due to their own poorly chosen words. This spin machine wins elections?

And Harold Albrecht, before you think you are in the clear, you deserve a big shame, shame, shame etc. that lasts as long as you are in office under Stephen Harper. Your mug is still all over the propaganda.

If the reader has decided that I am red with embarrassment and anger, they would be right. My face isn’t red from the cold. It is so mild this winter in southern Ontario, that I’ve taken to singing “I’m dreaming of a green February, just like the ones I’ve never known.”

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