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I’m a Basketballer But I Can’t Stop Wishing I Was a Hockeyer or a Footballer

It’s winter in Canada and we can’t help but walk down the narrow paths shovelled out of the snow. So grandstanders are a problem. In summer and the other warmer seasons, grandstanders aren’t so bad. If they take up the … Continue reading

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Yearly Roundup – 2013

First let me tell you this is my 368th post. So now there is a rant for every day of the year. I did something I haven’t done before. I added to the main content of two posts this year. … Continue reading

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Kiss in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Congratulations Kiss. Now with any luck, Yes will be added next year at the proper time.

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Walking on Water: Too Easy

Walking on water is one of the premiere miracles in the bible. But summing up the miracle by using that stock phrase makes it just too easy for anyone to meet or exceed that deed. If you have dared to … Continue reading

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National Boss’s Day

I’ve only heard of National Boss’s Day over the last little while. At the time of writing this, it is nowhere near that special day and I refuse to promote it to you. Since I am between bosses right now … Continue reading

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The Lottery in Babyl- er- Ontario with Apologies to Jorge Luis Borges

Some of you may have heard this lottery story. A Hamilton woman will be 50 million dollars richer next month. Not because she proved she had the winning ticket by handing it in for the claim, but because the lottery … Continue reading

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