Yearly Roundup – 2013

First let me tell you this is my 368th post. So now there is a rant for every day of the year.

I did something I haven’t done before. I added to the main content of two posts this year. The one post was Mountaineers in Space. I only added a sentence to this one. But it contains more jokes. The second post I added to was The Right is Right, But the Left is More Right: the Mathematical Proof. I added a full two paragraphs to this one. It contains a new mathematical proof.

All that’s left to do is to mention some of my favourite posts of the year if you didn’t have a chance to see it the first time.

Johnny Fish Spawn adds a new but familiar mythos to North America. The Insulting Clock Radio goes beyond its initial schtick and into a whole reincarnation thing. Pieing Lou Ferrigno just sounds like fun. Too bad it’s not 30 years ago. Are Plants Drunk Off the Excess Carbon Dioxide? is a different perspective on global warming.

Is the UK a Suffix Snob? sees logic to the mishmash of naming each country’s citizens. Vlad the Neck Biter is this year’s addition to my vampire series of rants. If this keeps up I might write a decidedly different story of vampires someday. Finally, last month’s The Masked Asphalt Chewer carefully walks the line between Superhero and Supervillian.

Hopefully the next year will see more posts I want to spread far and wide. Have a great new year!

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