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Not Novel

There is a major schism that exists in the writing world. The two sides are usually called “literature” and “genre”. Literature is usually that which gets taught in English classes and genre usually means any important genre, ie. western, romance, … Continue reading

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The Joy of Public Transit

There’s something new with my public transit. It’s the best thing in buses since the advent of air conditioning. Yes, if you have a car you can probably guess what it is. Global positioning. It doesn’t come with a map … Continue reading

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What Has Fair Trade Coffee Spawned?

You’ve probably heard of Fair Trade Coffee over the last few years. I think it has become popular due to documentaries spreading the idea that the coffee grower makes next to nothing in the production of this crop. If you … Continue reading

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Patents vs. Copyrights

A copyright lasts for the artist’s lifetime plus 75 years. A patent lasts 20 years. Is this even close to being fair? I can kind of see it. A patent can directly be responsible for saving someone’s life. If you … Continue reading

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Entitled Alanis

If you hadn’t heard, Alanis Morissette wrote the song Ironic in 1995 and despite its mega success, had the definition of ironic wrong. At least I think she did. My dictionary defines irony ( it doesn’t have a separate place … Continue reading

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Cheaters: Even more suspiciously, Canada finished the Vancouver Olympics with 14 gold medals. This many golds is a record for any winter Olympics by any country. Bear in mind Canada’s Own the Podium program has only been going for 5 … Continue reading

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