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Never Trust Anyone Under 30

Do you remember that old refrain, “Never trust anyone over 30”. Maybe you don’t but I’ll bet all baby boomers and some gen Xers (like me) certainly do. This is the credo that brought drug culture to a very large … Continue reading

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what Famous Pickup Lines Really Say

I’m sure the ladies will be told by their elders that the pickup lines that are served up to them, actually say more about the guy that used them then they say about the lady. But this site intends to … Continue reading

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Making ‘Black MIDI’ White

Black MIDI is music, impossible to be played by human hands, on say a piano, because it is so note dense. Indeed the fact that it is so note dense means if these songs were written with normal music notation … Continue reading

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Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars

The inhabitants of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars called their planet Barsoom. For all my life, I just assumed that Burroughs had just made this name up, out of thin air. Having looked over the name again recently, I now think … Continue reading

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