Never Trust Anyone Under 30

Do you remember that old refrain, “Never trust anyone over 30”. Maybe you don’t but I’ll bet all baby boomers and some gen Xers (like me) certainly do. This is the credo that brought drug culture to a very large proportion of the young ever since it was uttered. Age warfare was also a big result. This separated the baby boomers from their parents.

The Who line, “Hope I die before I get old,” gets used in My Generation. And it was common to discuss the ‘generation gap’ when the baby boomers were young.

Imagine the irony, many years later as the baby boomers themselves came to the age of 30 and then passed it. This was not lost on a baby boomer centred show called “30 Something” which was squarely aimed at the aging baby boomer.

The baby boomers continued to age. Now the lead baby boomers are inflating the amount of people who are officially retired.

Millenials are the generation under 30 years of age. For years they have been struggling to get any job at all and now the ones who did get employed still make little money. Baby boomers and (yes I’ll admit it) gen Xers seem disinclined to hire millenials for any type of monetarily rewarding jobs. The new refrain seems to be, “Never trust anyone under 30”.

There’s good news for all the generations. Metformin might be the first drug discovered that can slow the aging process. It works on some animals and has been given the go ahead to be tested in humans. Yay! Maybe we’ll all live longer.

Oops! Sorry to have foiled your plan millenials. Waiting for the older generations to die off may take a few more years than you expected.

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