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Some See Ranges, I See Rings

It was with shock, a few years back, that I found out that anarchists are considered to exist on the far left of the political spectrum. You see, I just presumed that extreme right wingers were the anarchists, with their … Continue reading

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An RPG of Nerds

Perhaps you’ve heard of one of the English language’s creative sides. That of calling a group of the same animals by a specific word. Like a pod of whales or a gaggle of geese. Some of these can be quite … Continue reading

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The Liberation Treatment

News of the Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been getting more and more press in the media I’ve been exposed to. Dr. Paolo Zamboni found that 100% of the MS sufferers he tested had abnormal veins. These veins, … Continue reading

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I Believe in Astrology

It’s certainly not the newspaper horoscopes that have me believing. I used to read the newspaper from start to finish and that included the horoscope. I spent years waiting for what was supposed to happen to my fortune and not … Continue reading

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Blast From the Past II

In the 1993/1994 school year, I contributed political cartoons to my York University student newspaper. So all of the following cartoons featuring Jacques O’ Christmas Tree were published in the Lexicon back then. I’ll try to make the jokes clearer … Continue reading

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The Weird, Weird West

We’ve all heard about the wild, wild west of the 1800’s of the US. Canada’s west wasn’t quite as wild back then with more order than our southern neighbours. But up here, what leads to the weird, weird west are … Continue reading

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James Moore gets Cartoond

Heritage minister, James Moore, is depicted above. You may ask, “Why did he get Cartoond?” Well mainly because he chooses not to listen to Canadians. On Twitter, he blocked my sister, Laurie, since he decided any critique by her would … Continue reading

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Plant a Tree for that SUV

Have you heard about carbon offsets? Companies and countries are playing this new game, trying to lower carbon emissions first, but if they can’t, buying into another company’s or country’s scheme to offset the emissions they can’t cut. Lucky for … Continue reading

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