James Moore gets Cartoond

Heritage minister, James Moore, is depicted above. You may ask, “Why did he get Cartoond?” Well mainly because he chooses not to listen to Canadians.

On Twitter, he blocked my sister, Laurie, since he decided any critique by her would no longer be valued. Her article can be found here.

Laurie joins a cast of over 60 Canadians that are blocked by James Moore on twitter. The rest of the lineup can be found here.

The first case of being blocked (that we know about), Russell McOrmond, explains himself here.

Another member of James Moore’s party, Harold Albrecht, has taken to lying about the opposition’s plans for copyright reform. Here is my article. Albrecht is trying to shield Moore’s Bill C-32 which sells out Canada’s current copyright. More sensible alternatives exist than Moore’s bill.

So, for many reasons, James Moore got Cartoond.

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