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Stephen Harper Gets Cartoond

[Stephen Harper: As a conservative I never believe in nationalizing Canada’s resources. 2nd balloon: But Malaysia and China can nationalize Canada’s resources. Harper’s button: Alberta 4 eva! Great Lakes neva!]

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Rush Limbaugh Gets Cartoond

Rush Limbaugh gets cartoond for calling a female university student a slut and a prostitute. So why didn’t I put any specifics about Rush in the cartoon? Well you see I have this feeling about Rush. This cartoon remains general … Continue reading

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Puke Gets Cartoond

Once there was a really cool cat who was the god of hockey. Now, like every cat, this cool cat had a fur ball and one day hacked it up in the country of Canada. . This furball, or puke, … Continue reading

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James Moore gets Cartoond

Heritage minister, James Moore, is depicted above. You may ask, “Why did he get Cartoond?” Well mainly because he chooses not to listen to Canadians. On Twitter, he blocked my sister, Laurie, since he decided any critique by her would … Continue reading

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