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Read This Post or Get the F— Out

Recently decals were spotted in Alberta that showed the outline of that province and said, “Speak English or get the f— out”. While being decried as immoral, racist or unjust it was not considered illegal so the flea market vendor … Continue reading

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Marta Stuart – Domestic Goddess

Marta grows her hair to lengths that make Rapunzel jealous. Usually her hair is between 50 and 100 meters long. This is so she can wrap it into spools and use it as thread. She died it in to a … Continue reading

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I Want to Be a British Billionaire

First of all you might be thinking, ‘how is it even possible for a Canadian to be a British billionaire if you don’t move there?’ Oh I still intend to be a British billionaire even without ever setting foot in … Continue reading

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Been Down for a Month

Unfortunately this site has been down for about a month. While that helped me in completing NaNoWriMo, any regular followers have been left with nothing. We’re back up to stay. Besides this post, there are 5 other posts that the … Continue reading

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Man Eating Aliens: It’s Time

It’s a common expression; animals are fattened up before the harvest. You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it and you can bet your bottom dollar that the intelligent aliens checking us out have heard it. Now would be the logical time … Continue reading

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