Read This Post or Get the F— Out

Recently decals were spotted in Alberta that showed the outline of that province and said, “Speak English or get the f— out”. While being decried as immoral, racist or unjust it was not considered illegal so the flea market vendor continued selling them.

Let’s take this message to the extreme. Let’s say everyone who could not speak proper English was forced to leave the province. Now this would of course include all infants and toddlers so Albertans wouldn’t be allowed to replace their population.

Now we just have to wait 120 years and all Albertans would be gone. The province would be up for grabs and although present day Albertans might wish the new colonizers would speak English, that is by no means a guarantee.

The journalist who prepared the article also found a couple of other attempts at racism that could be found in online t-shirts. However the online journalist was not thorough and did not say whether the t-shirts contained an outline of Alberta or something else fundamentally Albertan.

So the t-shirt that says “F— off, we’re full” could mean Alberta or any province or state.

Let’s assume it was Alberta, first. This province is suffering from problems with the oil patch and the price of oil. I wouldn’t be surprised if their population from last year was larger than the population of this year. They might have been full last year but this year they could definitely use some immigration to get them back to the full status.

For Alberta or any province or state, the loss of all immigration is liable to hurt the economy. House prices predicated on a growing population might halve if that population growth is not there. Do you want to own a house that is worth half of what you paid for it? Or more likely is half the price you are still paying for it.

Finally there is the slogan, “Fit in or F— off”. This is sheer stupidity. The overwhelming majority of people have idols and the overwhelming majority of these idols do not fit in.

The most obvious is the sporting world. Normal people can’t run a ten second 100 meters or less than a 4 minute mile. All basketball, hockey, football or baseball stars are outliers who don’t fit in. That is precisely why they are valued.

Movie stars are outliers in their acting ability or their charm. Musicians spent tons of time on things the rest of us find boring. They then use their talent to create songs that are not boring. Have you ever written a full book? Writers all have and this very act is an outlying one, successful book or not.

Do you still think an antihero might be able to fit in and not be an outlier? Hitler was a warmonger artist who wrote a book. Famous dictators all were given an outlying amount of power. This includes your Idi Amin, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, etc. Successful bank robbers all had an outlying amount of risk taking and planning ability.

And so called average guy, George W. Bush, did an outlying amount of damage when he was president of the US. His government misled the public to get into the war with Iraq. Is that normal? I say even he was an outlier. Or maybe just an out and out liar.

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