Boxing Week Post Held Over

Alright, alright, the truth is that I forgot to do my end of the year Boxing Week post last week. This is the post where in my first blogging year I relied on stats programs to pick the favourites.

The stats programs I had got wonky after a few years – the daily stats weren’t matching the top overall stats for the year, so through a labourious process of gleaning info from all my stats and more than a little bias on what I think makes a good post, it is time to pick the favourites of 2015.

My first pick from January and February is Let’s Chuck the Royal Family. Usually I don’t pick cartoons in the best ofs, because they are just one liners. But this time I had lots more to write to go with the cartoon and joke. The British royal family are indeed my inspiration.

March and April’s pick is Female Song Names. It makes sense that songwriters would talk in code when mentioning a specific name. Because, really the whole world and the million that bought the record don’t have to know your love life. Only your loved ones need to know. And of course all spy agencies world wide.

It was hard to choose amongst the posts in May and June. So I’ll go with Are ‘Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Green Day’ Fan Boys? Because the name still comes up in the stats. I suspect it is because Twenty One Pilots have a lot of fame now, since their last two albums were solid efforts.

I’m picking The Case for Fat Chords as my favourite post from July and August. It’s a funny post because the argument is true. I realized after posting it that I had omitted the strongest argument of all – lead guitar solos and intros over skinny chords makes fast changing fat chords. As well, I think that after my good friend, Stephen Huss’ death in early August, I feel I wasn’t very funny for about a month after.

The end of October saw the post Marrying Smart Machines. With all the spies on this earth it is nice to have even the possibility of a defence.

I feel I was on a roll in the last two months. Probably the post that got the most attention was short and sweet. It was: I Want to Be a British Billionaire.

A good new year to you, my readers, and I hope I will be able to write some funny posts in 2016.

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