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Metallica’s “One” Not So Bleak

I’ll never forget “One” by Metallica. It was the first song I ever liked by the group and it heralds the beginning of their accessible period. Well at first I just liked the pretty start and the singing parts. It … Continue reading

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Women Can Levitate 10 Centimeters Off the Ground

This news was as shocking to me as it is to you. But instead of making a big deal over it, the news was buried in a seemingly unrelated news story. China Airlines of Taiwan was fined for discriminating against … Continue reading

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Too Young for Death Defying

If you’ve kept up even partially on the news, you might well have heard of the 16 year old girl who wanted to boat around the world or the 13 year old boy that wanted to scale Mount Everest. That … Continue reading

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Make the Historians Do the Math

In an earlier post, the No Name Decades , it was made known in the comments section that the ‘Teens really don’t start till January 1, 2011; just as the noughties didn’t start till January 1, 2001. This does not … Continue reading

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An Unsaid Ethnic Slur

In a way, I’m jealous of black people. It’s definitely not the years of slavery (yes it existed in Canada, too, only it ended sooner). And it’s certainly not the 100 years it took to attain full civil rights. It’s … Continue reading

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The Sharp Shark

Programs that can hear a word and, say, type it out, are old. Despite their advancing age, these programs still can’t interpret speech easily. Have you tried the automated call centers where you have to over enunciate the word you … Continue reading

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